Brilliant project managers that can make the World move faster. Equipped with tones of master skills, they are one call away, always ON for the next challenge.


Outstanding researchers, who can analyze tones of data and put it into structured and logical easy-to-digest format.


Inspired designers, videographers, copywriters who have the power to develop, visualize and transform every idea into a beautiful masterpiece.


Masters of the wide web, who can deep dive into building and executing digital campaigns for facebook, linkedin, instagram, tiktok, twitter, reddit, google, youtube, etc.

We see the glass half full, not half empty

We have a family-like atmosphere created by fun and friendships. We face every challenge with positivity and conviction that we will excel! We never let difficulties or a sudden change in circumstances bring us down. We chase our (and our clients’) goals with determination and positive attitude – because we are problem solvers!

Count on me

We have the ability of being trustworthy, keeping promises and sustaining a constant performance. We are not just a group of professionals, we are friends who thrust and believe in each other. Strong team powered by mutual thrust. Keep every promise we make. Make only promises we can keep.

Creating and Thinking Forward

We are adventurous and creative! We challenge the status quo. If there is a better way, we’ll find it. We are excited by inventions and thrilled to find and try something new that will make ours and our clients’ life better.

We are Curios Creatures

Being curios and hungry for knowledge moves us and our clients forward. Learning is our commitment to constantly improving and growing: personally and collectively. We inspire others to learn and grow.

Love my job

We’re madly in love with everything we do. We wake up excited to create and deliver. We’re passionate about making a positive impact in the world using our craft.

Maria Gergova-Bengtsson

Founder & CEO

Alexander Djolev

Finance Manager

Viktoria Solakova

Head of Operations and Culture

Victor Savkin

Head of Finance and Strategy

Antony Atanasov

Creative Director

Metodi Gusakov

Head of Video Production

Svetozara Saykova

Junior Copywriter

Evgenia Vasileva

Head of Insights

Velizara Panayotova

Senior Digital Manager

Kristiyana Ognyanova

Head of Sector, ICT

Lilliya Ilcheva

Account Director

Lilly Vassileva

Account Director

Nikol Breycheva

Key Account Manager

Gergana Ivanova

Account Manager

Desislava Boyanova

Account Manager

Yana Stefanova

Account Manager

Alexandra FIleva

Account Manager

Lyubina Panayotova

Account Manager

Akseniya Traykova

Junior Account Manager

Iva Mladenova

Senior Account Executive

Diana Petrova

Senior Account Executive

Mariya Lyutskanova

Senior Account Executive

Iva Nickolova

Office Generalista

We fully transformed our office space according to the new post-covid era where the hybrid working is a king.


The space is now modern, functional, and socializing. It encourages collaboration and provides employees an environment to interact while they work. The designed informal areas for ad-hoc meetings and collaboration create a community feel to the workplace.


Working collectively on tough problems can vastly improve productivity. The office is combining the power of wood and metal and the overall vibe is for an urban space but at the same time stylish and comfy.


We create space for the important things in our lives – shout out to the hybrid working model that helps us work from everywhere, to have more time for our friends and family and boosts our focus.

Excellence from everywhere


Competitive remuneration


Performance bonuses


Home office bonus


SkillUP buddies


L&D program


Cozy office for socializing


SpiritUp events


Rooftop terrace


D&I policy


Health insurance


Mental health program


Family-friendly company


Multisport card