UPN Regional Agency Hub Model Saves Time & Money in Multi-Country PR & Marketing Services

In today’s world of constant market transformations, and a global pandemic that has changed the way PR and marketing agencies run, agencies are fast adapting and restructuring models to accommodate for these changes.

With a call for CMOs, CEOs, CCOs, PR managers, and brand managers to get on this new regional-agency-network-with-HUB-model train, we at United Partners believe that one of our core strengths is the capability for innovation and cross-market strategic planning, especially in times of massive change. Our global network of agency partners covers CEE, Russia, Austria, Greece and Turkey, and we aim to provide multi-national PR and marketing services to our clients.

The role of the agency HUB is creating a multi-country communications strategy using the  local teams to ensure that the strategy is relevant to each market. For each client a dedicated team is nominated to take on the role of ‘hub agency’ to work alongside a network of agencies in different geographies. The hub agency team will formulate the corporate and brand narrative and digital insights, draft messages, develop a repository of thought leadership articles and co-develop strategic campaigns with clients. The hub team is also responsible for the flawless campaign execution in each market.

UPN Regional Agency Hub Model Not Only Saves Time & Money In Multi-Country PR & Marketing Services, But Also Provides These Benefits

According to TheDrum, “Through the adoption of new hub methodology – a model providing on-site teams backed up by dedicated and shared off-site agency resources – brands get the immediacy and intimacy of an in-house team with flexible and agile access to an extensive agency skill set. An on-site team offers dedicated, focused resources, and integration with the brand’s marketing teams which allows for the absorption of expert brand knowledge. Closer communication leads to more ‘right first time’ results. The agency ‘hub’ overcomes the challenges experienced by on-site teams, giving flexible access to a broader range of skills, experience, services and technology, whilst helping to maintain creative ‘freshness’. It also mitigates the level of risk associated with a smaller, isolated team, helping avoid single points of failure and narrow pools of brand knowledge. The model fully accommodates the peaks and troughs of a brand’s varying workload over increasingly short timescales.”

According to FTI Communications, “The benefit of a centralised agency network means that a lot of the initial thinking and heavy lifting will have been done from a centralised hub. The process also allows for a more rapid and streamlined approach to handling media requests, which is key in these very dynamic times… It empowers every agency to hit the ground running while being supported in a safe environment set to be a collective success…Wherever you are in your journey on an integrated global communications strategy–it’s always a people first business and a collaborative approach that will provide a better return on time and investment.”

Why The Time Is Now for Transition

In times of Covid-19-caused disruption, CMOs, brand managers, PR managers, agency owners, and CEOs need to make use of regional agency networks and transition into the HUB model to save time, resources and get better results faster.

This direction to move is a direct, clear reflection of industry trends which renders current agency models completely obsolete. Covid-19, external market pressures, and changing demands of advertisers, makes choosing a HUB agency model for your multi-country PR and Marketing  a smart move for better strategic positioning. Rethinking organisational and structural functions will assist in serving clients better as well.

Imagine you have to run PR and marketing campaigns in 10 countries. Imagine you have a new product launch. You need to select 10 agencies for all the 10 different markets. So, you approach 30 agencies at least, brief them, get their proposals. Select 10 out of the 30. Finalize campaign ideas. Kick off the campaigns. Coordinate and supervise execution. Tons of hours spent, stress, confusion, details missed, communication barriers, culture differences. And the board of directors of your company are expecting strategic input on the next project launch. Sounds familiar? Do you have time for all of this?

Now is the time for transition!

Thanks to our advanced technology and expert team, we offer a one-stop-shop for cross-country, multi-dimensional service that works seamlessly with your in-house communications team, as well as support and assistance as you move into this new hub model.

To survive, thrive and enjoy

new success in a disruptive time, contact United Partners. To transition into the UPN Regional Agency Hub Model for your Multi-Country PR & Marketing Services, and enjoy all the benefits that come with it, get in touch. Schedule a call with our dedicated team and tell us about your needs & requirements.