UP Autumn Kick Off 2019

In September we said goodbye to the summer and kicked off the new season with a couple of inspiring days, setting the vision for what’s to come and recharging our batteries surrounded by the beauty of the Balkan.

The two days we spent in Pravets Resort were packed with fun team building activities, such as an improv theatre and reading our KUDOs we’ve gathered throughout the season.

We also reminded ourselves of our core values and strengthened our collaborative culture through Strategy Master, Finance Buddies and TEDup sessions.

The best team building is the one of having genuine fun together and we sure did while we partied and learned to golf together!

We believe each and everyone of us is the heart of the agency and in order to keep it beating at full power, we celebrated the success of the summer and set our focus on our continuous growth and delivery of exceptional work!

Thank you to our CEO for inspiring us and bringing us all together for a Kick Off of lasting memories and excitement for the new season!