United Partners joins NEXTLAW Public Affairs Network

NextLaw Public Affairs Network

United Partners today announces that it has joined Nextlaw Public Affairs Network. The global network includes 60 public affairs and public relations firms spanning 100 countries. In addition to connecting leading public affairs firms with one another, the platform will also connect over 27,000 lawyers across 550 law firms that are members of the Nextlaw Referral Network. The Public Affairs Network is designed to become the largest, most versatile network of its kind in the world. The Network is sponsored by Dentons, the largest law firm in the world.

“When we contemplate today’s public affairs arena we see an enormous opportunity to join a fully integrated platform. There is a natural synergy between the legal and public affairs professions and we want to be part of a complete, cross-functional platform. This is how we will continue to help our clients solve real-world business problems and will be able to provide clients with leading legal and public affairs talent,” says Maria Gergova-Bengtsson, Founder and CEO of United Partners.


Nextlaw Public Affairs Network is a first-of-its-kind platform designed to connect and support public affairs and public relations firms from around the world. The network currently includes 60 companies spanning 100 countries and it is growing every day. The technology platform is dedicated to helping global clients easily and efficiently work with public affairs firms all of which have a deep familiarity and understanding of governmental, business and economic cultures in their communities and regions, worldwide.

Nextlaw Referral Network is the broadest legal referral network in the world. The platform includes over 550 law firms in more than 200 countries and includes over 27,000 lawyers. The Network recently won the “International Law Firm Innovation” award at the Legal Week Innovation Awards. The network and its sophisticated technology make it easy for high-quality law firms of any size to work closely together to ensure that clients can pinpoint the precise right lawyer for the right matter in any practice and sector, anywhere in the world.