United Partners is among 2018 IN2 SABRE Award EMEA Winners

SABRE Awards 2018

The Holmes report announced 2018 IN2 SABRE Award EMEA Winners. Among the winners is the leading Bulgarian agency for integrated marketing communications – United Partners. United Partners received a certificate of excellence in Thought Leadership in PR for “Hack the Fake News” hackathon. The hackathon was organized in partnership with Data Science Society, Sensika, New Bulgarian University, Bulgarian Public Relations Association (BAPRA), and International Public Relation Association (IPRA).

UP took the fake news issue seriously and organized the first Fake News hackathon. After analyzing the raise in content and conversations around the topic of fake news and the potential damage of the PR business, 2 main objectives were set. To create an algorithm for identifying fake news. To create publicity around the efforts of the PR community to solve a key global issue – the issue of fake news.