United Partners announces partnership with BUZZStore – the largest community of nano and micro-influencers in Eastern Europe.

Zebra meets bee. Bulgarian consumers take the floor with BUZZStore, through a new promotional tool: word of mouth & UGC marketing generation, via nano and micro-influencers.

A friend’s recommendation is, as shown by multiple recent studies, the most important decision factor while considering the purchase of a certain product. Via BUZZStore platform, first of its kind in Bulgaria, regular consumers or aspiring influencers can test, for free, in the comfort and safety of their homes, new products and services from Bulgarian market. If they like them, they can make online and offline recommendations and reviews via Social Media posts, blog or vlog materials or direct conversations, thus becoming true brand ambassadors for the products they like.

“As part of its regional International Network of PR and Marketing Agency Partners (UPN), United Partners Bulgaria is proudly announcing a partnership for exclusive representation in Bulgaria of BUZZStore nano and microinfluencers european marketing platform. By implementing in Bulgaria this new marketing and communication tool providing word of mouth and participative marketing services through regular consumers (nano and microinfluencers), we help brands turn likes into sales and transform followers and fans into consumers” Maria Gergova-Bengtsson, CEO of United Partners says.

When consumers talk to each other, buzz happens naturally. It may happen everywhere, at the working place, at a family dinner or in the park with the kids as well as online, on the social networks. At BUZZStore, largest community of nano and micro-influencers in Eastern Europe, natural word-of-mouth is turned into a measurable channel, as a friend’s recommendation is the strongest sales force. Somewhere in the clutter of paid bloggers, promoted tweets and other sponsored content, the magic happens! Consumers willingly share their brand experiences with friends and colleagues – and their stories have a real impact on the purchasing decisions of others. BUZZStore  creates and stimulates this magic by bringing micro-influencers (BUZZers) around the brand in order to generate recommendations, advocacy, loyal customers and, ultimately, sales. Studies have proven that Earned Media produces 4 x the impact on the brand lift than paid media (Nielsen BrandEffect, 2011).

If you are a company and you are launching a new product or service in the market and you need to reach fast consumers or yoy are active on a niche and you wish to grow your brand within a certain product category, now you can amplify the brand message online and offline via the most powerful influence force of our times: a friend’s recommendation.

If you are a consumer that likes to test new products and are active offline and online networks, aiming to become an influencer for your group of friends and community, now you can subscribe to the BUZZStore platform and enroll in the campaigns that you like in order to receive for free at home products to test, in exchange to your testing opinion.

BUZZStore reunites over 100.000 regular consumers, opinion leaders in their micro-communities, curious and eager to find out more about the new launched products and services and wishing to make their voice heard. Their opinion counts both for those they are being in contact everyday in direct conversations or social media networks (colleagues, friends, family, followers) as well as for the companies developping new products and services.

“At BUZZStore we aim to give the power to the consumers, to democratize the influencer marketing segment, by stimulating authentic brand conversations in online and offline environment, through free home product testing for regular consumers (nano and micro-influencers). A campaign ran on BUZZStore platform is a practical alternative for the Social Media communication strategy, as well as a complementary tool in the brand 360 degrees communication mix. While big paid influencers are generating fast and rapid awareness, BUZZers (as we call the platform members) are bringing authenticity and influence purchase within their close groups.” states Adelina Pasat, co-founder and Managing Director of BUZZStore.

Offering to the consumers the chance to take part in the life of the brands they like through BUZZStore campaigns, they become emotionnaly envolved and loyal, while companies can differentiate of competitors through social values such as consumer listening, dialog and transparency. Brand consolidate their sympathy capital and consumer feels valued, becoming a partner. Briefly, everyone is a winner!

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