Transforming an office space into a cultural hub

Growing our business internationally, we felt a bit like our office was not representing the true spirit of our team. Classic open space with lots of classic desks and lots of classic chares and screens… Doesn’t really sound like an innovation’s hub, does it? So, we took the time to transform it into place that was more aligned with our values and mission. (More on how to build your business based on values is available here)

But there was still one step left to make it a true reflection of the spirit that each member of the UP team carries. And it is exactly that – spirit! We turned our newly renovated office into a cultural hub. Not only for our team, but for everyone!

Series of events (both closed and open to the public) will be taking place in our beautiful new space. With this we want to share inspiration with people beyond the PR world and to contribute to the city’s cultural life. Sofia is a cultural city on the rise. This made it the perfect time a place for such change.

But what it means for your office space to be also a cultural hub?

Since we went to a hybrid work mode it only made sense to us to bring the culture in. Otherwise, we would have remained a simple private co-working space. And we were certainly not striving for that. To have your office double up as a cultural space is not common in the business world. But we love to push the limits of the known and create beyond. Therefore, we’ve decided to open our office door to culture. From Hip-Hop dancing to secret concerts. All art and culture forms are welcomed here! This requires a structured work time schedule for the days of the events. Besides that, it’s a great way to create occasions for your team to enjoy time together as friends.

All events are related to a topic interesting to many people in the team. This way it gives the team a chance to bond outside working hours but still at the office itself. In order for that to be successful it all starts with the picking of the team. We have a very strict 3-fase interview policy where the last interview checks how each candidate is compatible with the agency and the rest of the team. This eases the friendship building in the team afterwards and makes turning the office into a cultural hub a lot easier.

If you are looking into ways to build up your team with likeminded people, shoot us a message. We sure know how to do that!

The latest event that took place at the UP office just last week was a secret concert. It was organized by Sofar and we were happy to be the first office to host. Sofar transforms everyday spaces – like our office – and turns them into captivating, intimate venues for secret, live music performances, creating an immersive experience that brings guests and artists closer together. Each Sofar is small, and typically features no headliner. We enjoyed the music of 3 young and upcoming artists, lots of fun and met some inspiring people. We also got to practice a bit explaining to non-PR people what PR is and what a communications agency means. Just a perfect way to end the week.

If you want to be part of the next event or of the team overall, make sure to follow our social media for updates.

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