“TINYPulse is the #1 employee platform to making employees happier”, because it gives companies online tools to measure and improve company’s culture.

The platform allows to run real-time surveys for real-time feedback in order to evaluate current workplace and take decisions to improve corporate culture. It involves all employees. This way they feel part of the company and suggest ideas for improvement. Of course, this is a proof for employee’s higher engagement in company’s life. When employees are engaged and feel part of the living corporate cultures, eventually the workplace becomes one happy place. The happy workplace leads the whole team to perform better in every level.

TINYPlulse’s main mission is happier employers.


With respecting the same value, aiming to improving our workplace on a daily base to make employees happy, in UP have done few surveys with TINYPluse. They are part of our #20tools that we are testing in 20 experiments campaign for personal and professional improvement. As culture is the heart of UP, we have realized that the best way to improve our work environment is to ask our most valuable assets – our team-mates. After doing some research on what types of tools are out there, we decided to try TINYpulse, a fun and simple employee feedback survey.

TINYPulse surveys helped our willingness to find out how UPeople see their own working experience. During two weeks everyone received two questions altogether. It literally took each one of use few seconds to answer.

TINYpulse has sent one survey question first that took less than a minute to answer. UPeople anonymous responses have been considered in order to make UP better workplace. Subsequent surveys that have followed also contributed to the main goal of engaging all employees give ideas for improvement. A first-class culture comes from people. UPeople who have the best knowledge of what’s working and what’s not working. We have been working on collaboration to create an environment that is a better place for all!


The main features of TINYPulse are the insightful pulses – short and frequent pulse surveys that reveal the truth about company’s culture through anonymous responses and peer recognition. Actionable data that helps companies to focus their attention on the most impactful issues and stop wasting time on the small stuff. Employees anonymously upvote the issues that matter most to spark dialogue and incite positive change.


Employees aren’t limited just to the survey question. They can also send peer recognition and submit their own suggestions at any time they’d like. A great culture encourages communication across the workforce, not just between employees and their managers. Using Cheers for Peers, employees can send kudos to their colleagues whenever they do something great. The suggestion box lets them voice their feedback and offer solutions for any issue that’s on their mind.

In addition, TINYpulse has a private messaging feature that allows you to contact employees about their responses without ever knowing who they are. Ask for clarification, additional details, or suggestions to help you take action on their feedback. They’ll feel safe responding knowing their anonymity is maintained.

With Live Pulsing, results are streamed directly to employee portals where they can view results and vote for the responses and suggestions that matter most. Employees can anonymously comment on items to interact with administrators, promoting full transparency throughout your organization.

Over 1,000 companies use TINYpulse to engage and develop high-performing teams, including Michelin, Stitch Fix, HubSpot, Deloitte, Airbnb, and Brooks Shoes & Apparel.

Here is a quick video: TINYpulse Intro Video.

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