The AI Regulations Landscape in EU and USA: A United Partners x Delve Webinar

In today’s world where AI is transforming our lives, staying ahead means embracing and preparing for change. Last Wednesday, 17th January, we hosted a webinar “The AI Regulations Landscape in the EU and USA,” in collaboration with Delve, a competitive intelligence and risk advisory firm specializing in public policy analysis, which brought to light the intricacies and evolving dynamics of AI regulations. The event, blending expertise and insights, offered a comprehensive perspective on the current state and future directions of AI governance.

Insights from AI Policy Experts

Eva Maydell, a leading member of the EU Parliament and an important figure in the AI Intelligence Act, shared valuable insights. She shed light on the broad scope of the 2021 AI Act, highlighting its ongoing evolution and upcoming finalization by the European Parliament. This Act represents a significant step in AI regulatory frameworks, encompassing a wide range of sectors.

Delve, represented by Jeff Berkowitz, Founder and CEO, and Kyle Huwa, Research Manager, added depth to the discussion with their thorough research on the AI regulatory landscape in both the US and the EU. Delve, known for empowering public affairs professionals with actionable intelligence, emphasized the urgency for professionals to navigate the complex political and policy landscape surrounding AI, regardless of their industry.

AI Policy Trends and Legislative Developments

The webinar focused on the proactive stance of lawmakers in both the EU and USA towards AI. Berkowitz underscored a notable shift in the U.S. Congress, from last year’s listening sessions to legislative drafting efforts this year. This shift indicates a growing recognition of AI’s transformative impact.

Huwa presented “5 Key AI Trends in 2024“, forecasting significant developments. These include:

  • AI agency action at federal and state levels is gaining momentum,
  • Collaboration among states on AI bills,
  • In the EU, the AI Act faces challenges, including political dynamics and member state tensions,
  • The tech sector is experiencing internal divisions over issues like open source and national security,
  • Transparency is becoming a key factor in the AI debate among stakeholders and policymakers.

Engaging Dialogue and AI Policy Reflections

The webinar stimulated thought-provoking discussion, with audience questions centered around the balance between AI innovation and potential risks, and the adaptation of legal frameworks to AI biases. These interactions reflected the complexity of AI regulation and the necessity for ongoing engagement and learning.

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of AI regulations, United Partners is committed to staying at the forefront of these developments in this dynamic field. We invite our readers to dig deeper into the complexities of AI policy and watch the full webinar, and download the 5 Key Trends to Watch report.

Join us in exploring the transformative power of AI. Reach out to United Partners, your trusted partner in navigating the AI landscape and elevating your PR and marketing strategies in Europe.


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