Spirit UP

Spirit UP

We work while we have fun. In UP we are dedicated to our work and clients. Of course, we do love fun and parties. That’s why we like to also we go out together.

To lift the team spirits we have an internal initiative. We spend time together to have fun, discuss everything about life, but work. In UP we believe that to be good at what you do every day, you need to know how to chill, relax, take it easy, have fun, make friends and laugh genuinely.

So, we have SPIRIT UP. Every last Thursday of the month someone from UPeople organizes an after-work going out for the team. Usually, this person takes us to a favorite place or to a favorite activity. Favorite places could be bars, cafes, tea places or favorite activities could be theater play, cinema, art exhibit or anything else. Creativity here is highly supported.

SPIRIT UP helps us unite team members, talk about something different than work projects. The initiatives aim to boost the team spirit. In an informal way to make everyone have fun and enjoy after-work time. It is something we organize for ourselves, not for our clients. During this informal time each of us learn something new, personal, or interesting about their colleagues.

As an example, this past Thursday we went to a cool cocktail bar where everyone had cocktails and even Positive/ Happiness UP shots.

In the beginning of the night we take time for our monthly POSITIVE UP initiative. During this time, we do a recap of all positive news that has happened to the team and the agency. For example, successful events, projects, positive feedback from clients and partners, everything that can make us happy of what we have done.

It easy and simple. Work hard. Play hard and have big fun with colleagues! 🙂