Slow Down 2 Speed UP

UNP’s 2023 Retreat in Barcelona

Barcelona, known for its rich culture and dynamic spirit, became host to the most memorable UPN Retreat by far – Slow Down 2 Speed UP. At first glance, the theme may seem paradoxical. But as many successful teams have found, sometimes it’s essential to slow down in order to truly speed up: by taking a moment to pause, reflect, and deeply understand, we can act with greater clarity, precision, and purpose. In this city of art and history, we embarked on such a journey filled with connections, creativity, and celebrations. Clients, agencies, partners, comms professionals, and thought leaders came together to create a space of learning and growth. We allowed ourselves to sit, listen, and reflect, so we can be better equipped to act, realize, and execute in the future.

Here’s how we did it:

AI Experience Kickstart

To reinforce our commitment to innovation and staying ahead in the digital realm, our conference day was ushered in with an AI experience. This initiative not only showcased our dedication to using AI to assist our clients but also set the tone for a day brimming with forward-thinking.

Had Inspiring Talks

It wasn’t just the city that inspired us but the people. Connecting with professionals from diverse backgrounds, we shared ideas and crafted potential collaborations. Our interactions were enhanced by the insights from attendees representing leading agencies like Marco, Utopia Lab, Sec Newgate, One Chocolate, Bloom Cast, Cloudberry and clients like Kyndryl and Glovo. Notable speakers such as Antony Tinker, Misa Lukic, Giuseppe Cavallo, Paul Holmes, Madelene Kornfehl, Stanka Sucha, Felix Eggert, the Glasers, Norman Schor, and David Martin graced the event with their presence, strong expertise and valuable experience.

Maria, the CEO of United Partners, encapsulated the spirit of the Retreat beautifully: “Thank you all for joining the annual UPN Retreat! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people like you. Thanks for the energy, the great vibe, the open hearts, the open minds, the connections and the shared joy! We are better together (including dancing together)!”

Enjoyed a Creative Boost

Barcelona, with its art-filled corners, nudged our imaginations to new heights. We delved into transformative sessions, explored emerging trends, and brainstormed innovative solutions for our industry’s future. The Retreat brought a couple of surprises our way to allow us to make space in our minds for productivity and creativity. Unanimously deemed by the team as the most impressive surprise was the active meditation by SUCO Sessions. This carefully crafted ritual allowed us to free our minds, move our bodies, and collectively set intentions for personal and professional growth.

Embraced the Sea

Among the standout experiences was our catamaran trip, which allowed attendees to bond while taking in the stunning Barcelona seascape. This short escape, with its blend of relaxation, networking, and the gentle sway of the Mediterranean, provided a perfect backdrop for inspiration and rejuvenation.

Discovered and Celebrated

The Retreat allowed us to spend time together, as a team and explore enchanting Barcelona the UP way! We immersed ourselves in its cultural tapestry, discovering architectural marvels and tasting local delicacies. And yes, we danced, had tons of fun, and celebrated togetherness! Stig Jensen, one of our guests, captured the sentiment perfectly: “A big thank you for arranging such a fantastic event in such a great place! It was amazing to meet all you nice people and be able to learn, reflect, and be inspired!”

As we reflect on our time in Barcelona, we’re filled with gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead. Stay tuned; we’ll be sharing snapshots of our journey soon!

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