Pizza & Books

Pizza & Books

Here, in UP, we decided to combine them both and guess what – the result was exactly what we expected – marvelous! For starters, we ordered a huge amount of pizzas and we were all previously prepared to bring some of our favorite books. From Italian dictionaries to fashion novels, romances and business motivating workbooks. That was our Pizza and Books lunch. We had the opportunity to be part of the initiative “Travel with a book” by BTV talk show “Predi obed”.

And, yes, travel and reading books, at the same time, at the public transport. You might think it’s old-school to read a classic like Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina in the subway. Well, guess what? It’s absolutely NOT. Quite the opposite actually!

The main goal is to show people how important are these papers with words on them. The best part is that everybody can join in the initiative. All you need are three simple things: desire, smile and a book. Oh, and of course – don’t forget the public transport ticket!


Food always comes first! – We ordered at least 20 delicious pizzas – from peperoni to margarita.

A lot of positive vibes and smiles (But who doesn’t express these too, when there’s food around?)

Tones of books – from drama and action to romance and business, nonetheless – a few Italian books (Now we – Parliamo italiano, which means “speak italian’’, I think..).

Put stickers on the books

(We also put personal messages inside in order to make it more emotional)

Go to the subway, leave the books and wait to see if someone loves your book 😊

Now, we know that reading books nowadays has become more of a cliché and that most people prefer reading from their phones or tablets, however in our opinion it is so much more romantic and personal when you are holding a real book in your hands and especially when you know that someone left it specifically for you to find it! Isn’t that nice?

We are so happy that BTV “Predi obed” came up with that campaign and that it’s gaining more and more popularity, due to the fact that we adore the initiative and we hope more people would follow the idea and spread the word. There are so many books and so little time and just imagine a better way to spend the subway ride from the office to your home than while surrounded by many people, but you’re just there sitting and reading, captured in a whole different world. Your book’s world.

Pizza & Books

Follow our example and go share your favorite books, so that more people would fall in love with them like you did!

Let’s collaborate with each other in the initiative of inspiring people to read again like ages ago when there wasn’t internet and the information from Wikipedia was actually reading through tons of books until you get the information you need.