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In today’s cluttered and fragmented media environment, it is of paramount importance for brands to develop communications strategies based on the POE framework:

  • Paid, allows the company to define the format, person and topic, leveraging on media reach
  • Owned, with maximum control over the message however relatively low audience
  • Earned, when the channel defines the rules providing their resources as well as posing some risks

In this regard, owned podcasts provide brands with tremendous opportunities to engage in creative storytelling and leverage owned channels. Here are some major benefits you should keep in mind:

  • Content pillars remain under full control of the company, so you can define the strategy when developing your annual comms plan and then simply build upon it
  • Having control over the topics, you have a variety of speakers at your disposal. Be it internal or external opinion leaders, the studio can create a vibrant and exciting discussion for targeted communities
  • Time length and frequency also need to be considered. Higher frequency can help grow the listeners’ base at a much faster pace.

Sharing helpful advice on a specific topic consistently helps position you as an authority in your industry / niche. Hosting a podcast has a similar effect like blogging or writing a book – it helps develop your reputation as an expert in a specific area.

In today’s environment of total isolation creating a new communication channel can fulfill that vacuum of live communication and boost prompt adoption of the new channel. When someone hears your voice, it is incredibly personal. They can hear your excitement, your emotions. It can be difficult to convey those things with written words. When someone listens to your voice while exercising at the gym, or driving their car, for example, it is the closest thing to having you right there next to them and having a conversation. As your audience listens to more of your episodes, they begin to develop a connection to you. People will begin to like you not just for the content that you share, but for your specific communication style.

Talking about platforms, you should consider using all available platforms to reach every interested listener through their preferred channel. To reach the Bulgarian audience, we would recommend leveraging Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and SoundCloud.

Launching a podcast with your own resources might be a painful process – where to start, how to define objectives, how to balance them with actual assignments?

This is where United Partners steps in and takes care of you:

  • our team can develop a strategy based on your needs
  • we can take care of the content calendar
  • we have the capacity to take care of the technicalities

Do not miss the moment to become an industry leader and get in touch with our team!

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