Make events great again. The virtual events in times of pandemic.

Less than a year ago attending live events was an inseparable part of our daily lives. Enjoying a refreshing drink in the company of friends, colleagues and new business acquaintances while getting to know the latest news was something that more or less, we took for granted.

However, the current situation has taken life as we know it to a drastic turn. Through the past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has established new ways of work and communication. Not only did many companies implement the work from home routine, but meetings and events have shifted fully online. However, if we are to be honest, the pandemic accelerated something that was already a trend in the corporate world. Prior to the crisis, a lot of companies have already given their employees the option to work from home. What is more, webinars have always been a low-cost option for any event organizers.

During the past months the abovementioned acceleration also led a lot of companies to transfer their already planned events online. More than logical step, as no company would like to lose their already invested funds, especially in times of crisis. Still, in times when maintaining safety and keeping social distance is a necessity, communication becomes essential both for keeping your company’s positive image and keeping your employee’s spirit up. And by taking into account the almost full shift to online communication, it is the right time to consider the perks of virtual events. Why you might ask? Well, simply because they present possibilities which live ones cannot. Most obvious one is cutting down on your travel and event venue rent expenses. Online events are also more flexible and offer easier connection for a wider audience, as people all over the world can join.

So, it becomes evident that if you haven’t done it already, now is the time to consider virtual events as part of your business strategy.

First step towards going fully online is choosing the right platform and tool, which will guarantee the smooth flow of your event.

At United Partners, we have several options that might strike your interest. The only thing you will need to do is to share with us your event specifications and we will make sure your company will get the most suitable solution. To make it a bit easier, here we have listed some alternatives for you to choose from.

Starting with Hyperfair – a Virtual Congress Content Management Platform, which enables users to create virtual place in a few easy steps while promoting products and services in 3D via web and in VR. Hyperfair also assists in driving human engagement within VR and immersive web via avatars. In addition, the software is able to deliver behavioral analytics while turning engagement into actionable data – thanks to such insights, quality leads can be identified and accelerated.

Meetyoo is another option that offers tailor-made digital events for all occasions – be it an online training, press conference or virtual fair. Depending on your event needs, you can browse from different solutions, such as Ubivents, which offers perfect virtual trade fair experience or Audio Events which is an excellent choice for fast and secure employee meet up via telephone.

You might also consider Hopin, as the software is built for events of any shapes and sizes. What is more, organizers can make their events private, password-protected or hidden and invite-only.

VirBELA is yet another interesting opportunity which provides campus experience, both an open one and a private campus. This alternative would be great for you if you would like to get together with peers and other people around the world with the help of specialized voice chat and avatar customization.

Our next proposal is a platform that you have most probably interacted with when you were getting a ticket for a live event – Eventbrite. Online events there are created as normal, but the location is set to “Online”. This lets you create a dedicated online event page to host the links to your webinar, livestream and other resources attendees need. Plus, only registered attendees can access this page.

GoToWebinars is a software preferred by marketeers worldwide as it suggests one-time live events, series or on-demand experience for the attendees and the organizers.

Last but not least, Zoom would always be a perfect option both for your company’s and personal gatherings. Not only you can conduct your regular meeting in the Zoom rooms, but the webinars service will let you get the information across to large audiences quickly and easily.

These are only some of the endless possibilities for your future conferences and events. With the world and the means of communication changing in such a fast pace, give your company, employees and partners the opportunity to connect and even prosper while staying safe.

You might have already convinced yourself that virtual events ease the organization process.  They do indeed offer flexible solutions and offer a wider coverage in terms of audience. But if we are to think about one key benefit that these events provide, it will be the easier results measurement. With people being constantly online while the meeting takes place, they can answer any feedback poll provided in real-time. Also, the data provided by the attendees upon registration can serve in lead generation for your next event.

Although, virtual events and gatherings saw rise in popularity during the pandemic, their benefits can be applied long after the restrictions fall.

Still, for now, virtual events give the chance to think outside the box when conducting conferences or other business meetings.

But most importantly, virtual events offer the peace of mind that not only business, but life as well can continue as usual.

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