Love Week

Love week

Inspired by mindvalley we decided to run a week-long experiment of anonymous gifting, love, and kindness among all our colleagues.

Several years ago, Mindvalley decided that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be one day just for lovers. They decided it should be an entire week where everybody gets to experience a little love and appreciation. At the workplace. After all, why shouldn’t the place where we spend the majority of our waking hours be filled with more connection, joy, and happiness?


Since one of the main values of United Partners is happiness and positivity at the work place, we constantly try to find and create the best internal initiatives that will keep our team more happy and connected.

Latest researches show that one of the main factors for happiness at work is the quality of the relationships between team members. When people create working environment full with positivity, caring and friendships, they create better life for themselves, those around, they achieve better results and make their clients more satisfied and happy. So we decided to take part of one of the coolest initiatives – Mindvalley’s Love week. One week before st Valentine’s day becomes magical and full of fun and love for everybody in UP!

So Before Love Week started, everyone drew a name of someone to be a ‘”Secret Angel” to for Love Week without revealing their identity. Each person plays a “secret angel” and “a human” to somebody. The duty of all “Secret Angels” is to show love and appreciation for their “Humans” throughout Love Week in creative, mysterious and secretive ways . It was done anonymously!

The good news is the every “Secret Angel,” has a Secret Angel too. So we were all receiving love and appreciation from angels all week long.

Love week

The identity of all “Secret Angel” were revealed to the “Humans” after the Love Week ended.

We made a special video showing the spirit of love and happiness at work


1. You don’t have to spend lavish amounts to show your “Human” love and appreciation! It’s always the thought and effort that counts. Surprise them with their favorite coffee or decorate their desk. Be creative.

2. While you can be generous and spend on gifts, Love Week doesn’t require cash! Some ideas: create a Spotify playlist, send them empowering quotes, set up a temporary Tumblr account dedicated to them, or create a customized (anonymouse) Pinterest board of their goals and interests. The ideas are infinite.

3. Collaborate with other Secret Angels! Send another person to serenade your “Human,” deliver a gift, or have a work-friend recite a favorite poem or quote on your behalf.


Love week