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Lights, Camera, Action!

Inspired by our friends at YouTube I decided to make a short rewind of 2017 in terms of UPeople’s biggest and most successful events for the whole year! Hurrah!

Despite all of the challenges, we managed to overcome everything with hard work, enthusiasm and finally, we are coming to an end of an amazing, crazy and at the same time inspiring year!

Our team is very proud and honored to receive a special award for commitment in our work from IPRA. We truly believe it is well-deserved and a solid proof of our good planning and execution skills, as well as a recognition for our efforts and long working hours at the office.

In 2017 we have organized 9 enormous events with total number of almost 4 000 guests. Among them were:

• The award ceremony for successful children of Dimitar Berbatov Foundation that took place at the National Stadium “Vasil Levski” in June 2017

• SOPR:SOMARKETING:SOFIA Regional Central and European IPRA Conference in October 2017

• United Partners 20th anniversary in October 2017

• Bayer’s third edition of Baylab for fun chemistry and biology for children in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna in October 2017

• Mtel Media Masters 7th edition of the annual ceremony for journalists in November 2017

All of these events were organized more for experts, consumers, customers, employees, students rather than media. This is a proof of a certain shift of targets that is currently happening in our business. During Baylab, which we are organizing for a third consecutive year, like never before, we were witnessing children live streaming, shooting and posting in social media during the whole event. They were helping a lot in making this initiative more popular among their peers.

In another words, people are spreading the news in real time only by using their mobile devices. This is becoming both an advantage and disadvantage for brands that we are working for. We have to become more flexible and creative in order to get audience’s attention into our direction and to use their new “superpower” as our advantage. This is one of the biggest challenges of our time and we should spend some time thinking about these changes and the importance of every individual.

Meanwhile, in 2017 our team organized smaller but memorable events for most of our clients such as Lidl, Viber, Tommy Hilfiger, Bayer, Fashiondays, Mtel, IBM and others. Last but not least our own initiative – Fakenews hackathon, which addressed a very big, I could even say global, issue with the spread of fake news in the media.

Altogether congratulations to the whole team and I believe that teamwork is the number one value which keeps us together! Let’s make 2018 even more successful!


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