Lights, Camera, Action! How the magic of Video Storytelling will take you to the next level

The Importance of Video Storytelling

No matter where you live, you simply cannot underestimate the importance of videos in our lives. It is literally impossible to spend a day, without watching at least one video on YouTube or Instagram now.  According to WARC Online video consumption is forecast to continue double-digit growth globally and reach an average of 84 minutes per day in 2020. Online video will represent 17% of total media consumption and almost half of internet consumption. Two-thirds will be via mobile devices.

At United Partners, we are always aiming to provide you with the most effective means of communicating your message. That is why we are highlighting some of our Video Services, guaranteed to raise the awareness and engagement of your brand or product.

Part 1: Real Life videos

Company Profile

With us, you can create and develop your online Company profile. While most companies will simply put an “about us” section on their website, a specially-made video will give you an opportunity to present your company values in a more personal way. This will definitely elevate your presence and will demonstrate your will to be ahead of the competition.

CSR campaign videos

No matter what cause your business wants to support, we can create a special tailor-made video, that will suit your style and impact your audience. Have a look at our previous collaborations with Fjällräven and the videos, we made for the “Angels of UNICEF” campaign.

Corporate events videos

We also have experience, when it comes to the communication of your corporate event. From a classy business cocktail, to a massive outdoor activity – our video team will go the extra mile to capture the atmosphere of the event.


What about, when you want to attract new talent for your organization, but you want to do more than just posting a job offer and reach the right person for your business? We`ve got you covered here too!

Crisis Management

When the unexpected happens, time is of the essence, but you should never compromise efficiency for time. That is why we provide a solution that is as speedy, as it is effective – Crisis Management informational videos.

Part 2: Animated

In addition, we provide a variety of video-based solutions, that involve Animations, Motion Graphics and Custom Video Presentations. These are specifically useful when you`ve got plenty of data, that you wish to present, but you want your audience attention to be focused.

So, what about that great idea for a video, that you always wanted to execute, or that cool, futuristic-looking presentation, that you`ve always wanted to use to impress your audience? We`re here for you! Our team consists of professional videographers, with international experience, skilled editors with а number of projects completed and talented scriptwriters that are here to put brilliant ideas to a page!

Of course, you can always tell us more about your product or service and leave the imagination of our creative cooks to impress you with original ideas!

Let`s put it simply – A picture tells 1000 words, right? Well, if there are 25 pictures in every 1 second of a video, you can do the math…

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