In UP learning culture is a valuable value. We encourage learning on every level. Like we have shared before, we also like to share our knowledge. That’s why we have internal campaign Spread the knowledge. Going a step further into professional sharing of knowledge, we have decided to try learning platform.

The Camp is divided for personal and professional usage. Basically, as an individual you can follow and find content that interest you. The area of interest doesn’t matter. Also, you can share with other campers materials (books, presentations, lectures) that you think are inspirational and give good knowledge.

For businesses, the Camp gives an opportunity of organizations to build their own professional camp to which all members can have an access anytime to any materials in order to learn every day. For UP this is a great opportunity to strenghten our learning culture and encourage UPeople to learn and share more.

The Camp great features give you advantages to build skillset in digital marketing strategies, brand management, communication and international markets, as well as to know what is trending at the moment. You can also read and watch what you need from the wide range of online sources combined with an extensive amount of books, courses, and events.

For organized people, the platform is the best one to organize your knowledge and all resources in one place. It has a browser plugin that helps you quickly bookmark the links you want to read later. This way you eliminate the fear of losing an article you want to read, but don’t have the time to do it at that moment.

We also like the Camp, because we love to share knowledge with colleagues. The platform gives you an advantage to join other teams who combine their skills, resources and findings to become highly skilled professionals.

Within companies, teams can share their skills and knowledge with each other. You can group lectures, books, helpful documents by topic. With quick search you can find what you need for your work. Definitely, the platform helps personal and professional development of all employees. For UP this is great, because it really reinforces our learning culture. It is an opportunity to give access to UPeople to the best content by industry professionals and influencers.

While UPCamp is still in development stage, we are looking forward to make a good plan for the team to start using the Camp in 2018 and help everyone learn new things and grow.

Additional features for businesses. It has public Blockchain camp, which is a live community where experts share their knowledge on the trending technology with the digital professionals across the world. The platform helps digital teams to efficiently collaborate and organize their knowledge in personal camps. Every camp mate can create, share and follow collections of resources on various topics. Easily create onboarding paths for your new hires – we are like this option very much!

In addition, most skilled members become mentors and this way they create quality content. This means less admin and time wasted for Talent Managers, HRs, Team Leads and CEOs.

Even more, with TheCamp’s analytics tools you can track and analyze team’s learning progress and development and most used and useful learning content. This will also help you make most effective use of your learning budget. You can also receive special offers and volume discount for the hottest online and offline courses, events, books, trainings, moocs and many more.

In the spare time you can also read The Camp blog.

So, why everyone loves The Camp so much? Learn for yourself and start camping at


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