It’s official! We are 25!

25th of February 1997 – you can often hear Maria Gergova-Bengtsson say this is day her second child was born. And like every child it had its ups and downs over the year, but the loving mother Maria is, she never gave up on it. Today, 25 years later, this child is one of the most successful Communications agencies in Southeast Europeand working its way to the global stage.

A quarter of a century is a lot of time for a communications agency to be on the Bulgarian market, which makes United Partners one of the oldest and strongest ones. So, we took the time to look back in the past to see how things have changed and appreciate how much all of us have grown

The birthday when the age you turn is the same as your birth date is said to be your Golden birthday. And who doesn’t like a bit of glamour on their special day? So, it was not hard for us to agree to choose gold for a team colour of the party. We kept it low key and classy as the focus of the night was our new and updated office space. The amazing MoVe Architects took over our office for a couple of months and gave it a complete transformation, turning it to a modern coworking venue suitable for meetings, collaborations, and small events, giving us all the creative freedom, we need to exceed. More of the new space we enjoy can be found here.

To celebrate in the UP way, we invited some special partners we’ve worked with over the years to share the moment with us and make it even more special. Ivan Kirkov from Comedy Club Sofia made sure we have a lot of fun and laugh out the 25. While DJ Steven made sure we dance them out, too. It was a special night indeed, so we memorized it with lots of photos, which at the course of the night got funnier and funnier thanks to the special birthday cocktails Non.Blue prepared for us. We dare you to see the picture below and try not to laugh.

Among our special guests were some long-term media partners and social media and offline celebrities. We are beyond grateful to be working with the best of the best.

To keep the magic of the night burn longer in the guests’ memories, we had a special present. The amazing Moments. Now Candles helped us in creating a special collection of 25 Yeahs candles made from organic soy and wrapped in cotton pouches. All of this in the classic zebra black and white to represent our logo. But nothing is truly UP without a little pop of inspiration or our signature orange. So, for the design we picked the orange, as the inspiration is something we want to share when we are all together.

For a place with such innovative and entrepreneur spirit, it is hard to believe that the company has spent more time on Earth than me. Every new idea is greeted with excitement and sometimes it even feels more like a start-up, rather than an ‘old’ company. However, I’m still able to enjoy the years of knowledge and experience the agency had and learn from them while being encouraged for every out-of-the-box idea I have. So, if you are looking for a workplace that inspires you to be grow, check out the open positions we have. We might be looking just for you.