In the spotlight: Velizara Panayotova, Digital Strategies Expert

Velizara Panayotova

At the agency we are looking for a Social media expert and we wanted to give you some insights about the job, the challenges and the inspiration it can provide you with. That’s why we asked Velizara Panayotova, Digital Strategies Expert, a few questions.

1. What do you do as a Digital Strategies Expert at United Partners?

As a Digital Strategies Expert I have the responsibilities to design, build and maintain social media presence of different small and big companies, to plan and execute email, social media and display advertising campaigns, to measure and report on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns, to identify trends and insights, to brainstorm new and creative growth strategies and more. 🙂 Recently I have the chance also to train some of my colleagues to acquire digital skills. It is really motivating and inspiring to contribute to their development in the digital area.

2. What do you like most about it? What is the most exciting part?

I like most that I have the opportunity to create digital strategies for our current and potential clients. It is really exciting to think about how to fit the digital communication into the bigger picture of the company marketing strategy and to make the best of it. Nowadays there is no more pure PR communication or pure digital communication, there are integrated marketing communications, where all forms, tactics and messages are carefully linked together. You should think out of the box, be creative, smart and adaptive in order to be in line with the marketing trends and to answer the client’s needs.

3. Tell us about a big challenge you have come across (and dealt with successfully)

I remember now of one case for short-term Facebook campaign, where I had the challenge to suggest activities that should fit into specific small budget. It was tricky, because they wanted 5-weekly campaign, that was then reduced to 3 weeks because of the amount of budget. After that they were very happy and satisfied with the campaign performance, so they wanted to extend it for another 2 weeks.

4. What are the most important values or principles you keep up with your everyday work?

Of course I follow the main values of the agency. But for me most important are the following ones: optimism and positivity, cooperation and teamwork, everyday learning and staying up-to-day with all trends and news, daily organization of the tasks and attention to detail.

5. What digital trend excites you the most?

As a digital expert, I’m trying to learn, implement and test all new trends. My favorite social media channel is Facebook. It is really exciting how this network developed through the years and now offers a variety of opportunities for all marketers to create high-quality, engaging and attractive content and execute successful ad campaigns. The most exciting trend is the advent of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The mainstream shift toward AR and VR provides new ways to connect with customers and offer unique interactions. I think that by next year gamification will go from a footnote to a core business strategy.

If you, like Lisa, believe your future in marketing is to help brands connect in a meaningful way with their consumers and if you trust social media presents more opportunities than businesses have ever had before, join our team! Woo us with your passion and we will provide you with a chance to learn, grow and innovate.

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