How disc personality assessment can make our life at work better

Disc personality assessment

One of the keys to happiness at work, is to be part of a great team. Great teams can exist if people know each other, understand each other and have great communication. Happiness is related to creating a better work environment. Knowing yourself and others better, knowing how you are perceived and how to approach different people is key to a better work place. We are fortunate to have a certified DiSC trainer in our team – our Chief of Staff, Stefan Bengtsson.

We decided that every team member should go through the DiSC assessment and training to see how this would improve our communication and work.


Step 1: Depending on the positions of the people and the purpose, the trainer chose the suitable type of DiSC assessment (management, sales, workplace and leaders)

Step 2: Every team member receives a link to a personal questionnaire and have 1 weeks to answer (it takes 20-30 min in total).

Step 3: The trainer generates the reports for the participants including a facilitator report, which gives deeper explanation about the team members behavioral specifics.

Step 4: Face to face training with the team explaining the different profiles how to use the assessment in their daily work life. The training makes the team members learn how to recognize peoples DiSC profiles, which will help them to communicate better.

Adjusting your behavior knowing your colleague’s profiles make communication better and life happier.

Disc personality assessment


Everyone get to know himself/herself better

  1. We know our colleagues better
  2. We communicate better
  3. We understand different behaviors and don’t take it personal
  4. We create a better team
  5. We live happier life at work

Now we all have small posters on our desks showing our profiles and few tips how to best communicate with that type of personality

We will not revile the profiles of all team members, we will leave this to you to guess.