HeyOrca is a tool we recently discovered. It is supposed to make your social media life management better and easy. In UP we prefer to optimize and make work flow easily. So, we decided to explore. Let see 🙂

This is the current SMM situation (look above).

HeyOrca tool solves one of the biggest issues in social media management related to cluttered work, constant follow up, flood of emails, et. You name it.

Basically, it gives you solution for the workflow, so team and client easily create, review, and approve content. It saves time in terms of client reviews and approvals, because they actually have access to the content calendar. You definitely, stop sending back and forth emails, which optimized team management time and you can focus on creation the content itself. The tool also directly to client’s social media channels. And the most important aspect that there is a transparency of the entire work process.


1. Planning function give you opportunity to close the gap between planning and performance.

HeyOrca has analytics integrations with all the major social media platforms. You can use it for Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. The tool helps you visualize how well your campaigns are performing online in real time. Very important aspect in always on communication environment.


2. Content development functionality brings all client’ content in one place – calendars, content ideas, visuals, etc. HeyOrca has dedicated media library for each client with unlimited storage. In the media library all client assets are saved. It definitely simplifies team collaboration, client management, and publishing with our visual planner.

Also, visuals you can edit directly in the tool. This saves time working with the creative team.

Everything is interactive and you can overview all of your client’s content calendar. And, have exact visualization of the entire content. All information is tracked and there is no need to worry that you have lost something over the workflow.

3. Content organization in one dashboard. All of the clients projects are in one place and each client is with their own visual content calendar. It helps for planning and approvals.


4. Collaboration and approval. HeyOrca helps internal collaboration easier. Every post you create has a comments section where you can collaborate with your team and ensure you are always working on the most current version. You can also provide context to your clients and receive early feedback, all without the hassle of spreadsheets. You can preview content as it will appear once published, and tie it to your overall strategy through a high-level calendar view and notes section. In addition, HeyOrca has an option of modular sharing where you choose what to share with your clients.
Its client-side interface lets clients easily view and approve content – no login required.

5. Distribution. Just share select content with clients at the click of a button. HeyOrca has built-in sharing and approvals features to help you collaborate with clients as easily as you collaborate internally.

Also you eliminate duplication of efforts. HeyOrca publishes your content to specified social media networks once approvals have been obtained from your clients. No need to upload a spreadsheet to another social media tool for publishing.

And most important is that HeyOrca is mobile friendly. Team and clients can access it anytime from any platform.


Want to check it: https://www.heyorca.com/

Moreover, HeyOrca has a blog that gives you interesting and different approach to social media marketing. https://www.heyorca.com/blog