is a platform that helps you set up a competition in real life. has by far the better features compared to other competition platforms such as the more popular Contestdomination and Rafflecopter among others.

WHAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE FOR USING GLEAM.IO is very easy and user-friendly platform for creating an online competition. Once you have your idea of a competition and the prizes you want to give away, you just have to fill a simple form on that guides you through all the required information.

You can monitor 24/7 how much participants you have engaged and when the competition ends, you easily proceed to choosing the winners.


Gleam gives you full flexibility on how you choose winners for your competition. The platform bases the winners around the number of prizes that you have allocated, so if you want to draw 10 winners please ensure you have 10 prizes against the competition you are drawing.

Winners are also assigned to a specific action that they have completed, you will see this when you announce winners in the widget.

When your competition finishes you will get a notification from Gleam asking you to choose your winners.

If a competition has finished clicking Draw All Winners will choose all winners for a specific campaign. Remember if you need 20 winners for a contest you must have allocated 20 prizes in the prize tab (this can always be adjusted at a later date). automatically uses to draw winners, they offer true randomness: RANDOM.ORG offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs. also allows to draw manual winners if the competition doesn’t involve any element of randomness. Please note Gleam does not automatically contact the winners of your competitions.

WHAT CAN GLEAM.IO GIVE YOU IN ADDITION? can be used to increase traffic to a specified website by incentivizing participants to follow the company on Twitter, like their page on Facebook, connect on Instagram, and increase specific SEO with Google egg hunts. Users widen the audience by sharing with theirs. Works great for and costs less to give awards straight to a participant than paying for non-targeted advertising.