When working with influencers started to become very popular, all brands wanted to work with those who have the most followers. Now, it’s getting harder and harder to reach to target audiences, because people look for a story close to them. Content is the number one thing that enables consumers to engage with brands. The closer a story is to people, the better they will interact with the story. Influencer marketing is growing faster than ever before. Thanks to social media, brands engage with real people in real time. That’s why, brands have shifted to work with micro-influencers.

Mirco-influencers are more loyal and have more active followings. They provide authenticity and organic engagement and they are more flexible and eager to work well with brands. Besides, micro-influencers are more trusted than macro-influencers. Audiences are more likely to follow a recommendation from a micro-influencer than from a marco-influencer.

5 Big Marketing Trends in 2018 [Infographic]

Lately, we have been checking Ghostlamp – a self-service platform to reach hyperlocal influencers from millions of registered in order to create an influencer marketing campaign to engage with real people. The Ghostlamp platform automates the process of finding, contracting and paying influencers. It allows brands to activate a wide range of influencers, whether they are micro, medium sized or top tier and it helps you to select the right combination.

The platform works with algorithms that help you find the most suitable influencers for your campaign in order to impact brands visibility in social media. Basically, it optimizes the potential impact of the influencers selected for the campaign. You just need to define target market. Another, cool functionality of Ghostlamp is that you can monitor in real-time how audiences engage with content generated by the influencers.

Ghostlamp also uses EPIC metric for evaluating success of your influencer marketing campaigns or in other words the real impact of your brand. EPIC is a unified engagement metric for all social channels and stands for Engagement Per Influencer Campaign. Ghostlamp gathers all the different types of engagement (likes, comments, story views etc.) across social platforms, translates each type into an EPIC value and displays the total EPIC received for each campaign. EPIC was created to simplify campaign progress to customers.

We are very excited that we are going to plan few influencer marketing campaigns with Ghostlamp.
So, stay tuned in 2018! In the meantime, you can check Ghostlamp.


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