Everything we do, we do it BIG

BIG party

As you may have probably noticed this year is our 20th birthday and as any other thing we do around here, we decided to make the best out of it. Thus, we have been celebrating the whole year in every way possible. However every birthday needs a party celebration and of course we decided to throw a BIG party for our BIG 20’s, because everything we do around here is – indeed – BIG.

20 years are always connected to that stage in life, where a person is growing to be more mature, less of a teenager, more of an adult. 20’s are the age of self-awareness, of figuring out what life is all about, what changes one should implement and what goals one should achieve. Here in UP we have it all figured out and due to that fact we have been so successful for the past 20 years. And we certainly don’t plan to stop. In fact, our future plans are yet to bring more and more joy and to never stop learning and expanding.

Our birthday party was thrown on the 14th of October, right after the IPRA Conference, thus it was a weekend full of captivating lectures; including – meeting some of the most acknowledged people in the world PR Industry, which were then invited to our party. The atmosphere was definitely positive, including a lot of laughs, dance moves and singing (either good or really bad, but don’t worry if it was you – no one could hear the bad one).

The highlight of the night was Maria’s emotional speech, which moved each and every one of the guests and the best part was when all the team members of the agency went out on the stage and started singing ‘Happy Birthday’. By looking at the photo below you can see for yourself how there is not a single face without a smile on it, which says enough. 😊


The recipe for a great birthday includes the following:

Gather the great team
Book Carrusel Club (since it is the most trendy and we are always up to date)
Mix with a lot of positive vibes
Combine with a lot of positive people
Bake a BIG cake
Put a little bit of alcohol (or maybe not just a bit)
Invite the amazing Vessy Boneva to sing
Make sure there is an afterparty with top DJs (Thank you, Metropolis DJs)
Free your spirit and have fun!

By mixing all the “ingredients” above you are guaranteed to have a great party and that is what ours was. The celebration started at 21.00 and everyone began coming with presents and flowers, leaving behind their formal behavior and simply being themselves in a more casual way, which is exactly what we strived for. We had a huge board with the number 20 on it, where we asked everyone to write a wish for our birthday or simply a warm memory.

BIG party

We also had a photo pavilion, where everybody were taking photos with their funniest/best looking poses:

BIG party

As Tom Peters says: ‘’Celebrate what you want to see more of!‘’ – and we certainly celebrated all of our success; our team work and the assiduity and enthusiasm each member puts in their daily tasks; the amazing clients we work with and believe us when we say – we really want to see more of all these things, because they are the components of our triumph. They are our motivation to keep up doing what with do with love and passion for it!

A BIG thank you to all of our clients, partners and all of our team members and cheers to the next 20 years (at least)! Check our picture gallery HERE