What you do to upgrade your web site to attract more business, you can monitor closely and see how these ideas impact your business. Crazy egg is a tool we have been trying lately. It gives you the freedom to change the copy, images, or styles and then publish those changes to 100% of your traffic. It also gives you insights how people interact with your web site and the information you have for your business. These insights help, afterwards, to upgrade your business plans and convert potential visitors on your site into clients and partners.


Add Javascript to your site. Copy and paste your code snippet into your site and that’s it.

Change your website right now. You are in control and make changes right away. For ideas you are not so sure about, start A/B Tests to see which ideas work best (more info about A/B test below).

See what’s working and what’s not. To get more ideas on how to improve your site, run Crazy Egg Snapshot reports or look through Recordings to see what to improve next. Actually, in UP we have done few Snapshot reports and we share insights with you below as well.

The A/B test is a conversion tracking that tests within minutes. As soon as one version starts to out-perform, the platform will automatically skew more traffic to that version and get you as many conversions as possible. Also, you can pick a goal based on a URL, form submission, or a clicked link/button. You can also set up a JavaScript call if you want. Simple and easy. As soon as Crazy Egg detects a winning variant, it sends more traffic to that winner automatically.

Another great feature of Crazy Egg is that you can see how people are using your site. It’s called Spanshot. It includes a Heatmap, Confetti, Scrollmap, Overlay and List Report. All these are reports to build a site according to people’s insights. Definitely, it is helpful to know what people use and what they don’t. This helps for making more precise business plans.

For example, with Heatmap you have a picture of where people clicked on your site, showing you what’s hot and what’s not.

We did a test for our 20 expriments campaign and saw that people were more interested to know what are the professional tools we are using and have been testing rather than the personal tools for development we have used in our work life.

With Confetti you see all individual clicks on your page and can segment them by referral sources, search terms and even more you see how different types of visitors behave. Scrollmap detects how far down the page people scroll so you know where you lose their attention. Overlay, on the other hand, gives you the exact number of clicks for every element on your page.

What we can say bout UP web site is that visitors are very interested to see what clients we work for, learn about the agency and our team and know how to contact us. Which is great to know that people have an intention to contact us right away from visiting our web site. 🙂

With recordings, in addition, you can watch how people move through your site. You can see on which sections people exactly click or which sections they avoid. And of course, how long they stay on your web site. On UP web site, for instance, during the past week the most people have been staying up to 2 minutes. 🙂

Another insight we got is that more people were coming from search in Google.

All this helps to decide what information to give to these people and convert them into potential clients or partners. The rest of the insights we will keep for ourselves, so we can update our business plan for 2018.

While we will be keep tracking what people are interested about UP business, you can also check it for your business on crazyegg.com.


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