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How it all started

The story started more than 12 years ago when Jana and Maria first worked on a PR and Advertising project for Diageo. After organizing a few strong PR events in Eastern Europe for Smirnoff they both went their separate way, but never lost touch.

With more than 40 YEARS of combined experience together and with a diverse, multi talented, inclusive and innovative team, we are specialized in building marketing strategies that grow brands and make a cultural impact.


Super Power: bringing never-ending energy and inspiration to business!


Super Power: bringing people together so that ideas become a reality!

All these years later they joined hands to help brands grow with Culture in Central and Eastern Europe. They are both connected by the passion for marketing activities that are shaped around culture. Their goal is to drive deeper consumer connections, Ultimately, making brand activity more meaningful. Just like their friendship –meaningful.

Why work with us?

We are passion-driven.

Ask anyone, we love what we do. We’re passionate about brands and we’ve proven our ability to generate real results, helping clients to grow, attract and retain customers.

We value our partners.

We don’t ‘win’ clients. We build partnerships. Every project is a process of close and constant collaboration, always communicating progress and sharing ideas.

We deliver results.

We actively use digital tools and proven working methodologies to deliver projects in an engaging and efficient way. There’s no process bloat.

Our Clients