Paysafe | P R O B L E M


We helped Paysafe build the first IT Escape Room in Bulgaria while bringing their employer branding strategy to the next level.

Paysafe is a leading global provider of end-to-end payment solutions and the largest software company in Bulgaria. The company is constantly growing its development team in Sofia. To find the best talent, it needed a different and very brave approach – to show that its employees really enjoy what they do, while having a lot of fun as teammates and friends. The project aimed to strengthen Paysafe’s Employer Brand among the IT community, boost engagement internally and externally and distinguish Paysafe from other IT companies on the Bulgarian market.

Paysafe | S O L U T I O N

To make it happen, we approached the first escape room in Bulgaria to build a unique experience together: the first Paysafe IT escape room. It was designed to test skills, educate about Paysafe, prove that teamwork matters and challenge participants to crack the code in 60 minutes. As a pure product company, Paysafe provides the opportunity to deeply understand and learn how their products work for clients, and as a fintech company combines the knowledge from two huge sectors: tech and finance. We incorporated the story of Paysafe and its products in the riddles at the Escape Room.

Paysafe | R E S U L T S

We managed to reach almost every developer on the market and inform him/her about the unique Escape room of Paysafe and Dextrophobia, so that he/she had the opportunity to visit it. We increased local awareness of Paysafe with 1.9M impressions. The company became a pioneer in the sector by developing unique recruitment tool. We generated buzz about the room by using a mixture of communication tools/channels and deepened relations with our target group. We received 40+ CVs in the first week of the promo campaign. We had 255 participants, 90% of them developers.