Pampers | P R O B L E M


We helped Pampers Preemies in elevating their brand conversation on emotional and product levels.

The main goal of Pampers Preemies campaign was to elevate the brand conversation on two levels – emotional and product benefit. This was also the main challenge – to connect with consumers & media on emotional level, while positioning Pampers as a socially responsible brand which was the first to create & donate specially designed diapers for premature babies. Overall, Pampers Preemies campaign aims to address the problems which premature babies face in the first days of their lives. Moreover, with this new product, Pampers made significant change in the way pre-term babies are taken care of.

Pampers | S O L U T I O N

A multichannel fully integrated campaign with 4 main pillars – professional relations, NGO partnership, influencers leverage and consumer activation. With 350 000 diapers reaching the hospitals covering their needs for 2019, the launch of Preemies, was with media event in the biggest neonatal ward in Bulgaria. Followed by an untraditional influencer activation, aiming to strike the emotional chord. After the media buzz, we presented our campaign ambassador – Poli Genova & her song “The Heroes” dedicated to Preemies. Finally, to promote the donation to the NGO, an emotional video was shot.

Pampers | R E S U L T S

We are happy to state that we implemented a highly successful campaign, which generated 145 publications with 93 MM impressions. The donation activation video was viewed 716M times. Poli Genova’s song had 104M views. The purchase related donation reached 10 000 lv. These results were not the only merit for the campaign’s success. In each and every stage of its implementation, evidence was present that the cause was close to people’s hearts and they proactively became its ambassador. What is more, Pampers Preemies’ main aim – to make real and long-lasting change was achieved successfully.