Fjällräven | P R O B L E M


We helped Fjällräven in boosting their brand awareness while leading a two-stage communication campaign, based on a series of out-of-home ads in the form of graffiti projects.

In 1960, Åke Nordin founded Fjällräven in his basement in Örnsköldsvik, northern Sweden. Today the company’s timeless, functional and durable outdoor equipment enjoys a global presence. The brand stepped on the Bulgarian market in the spring of 2019, as one of its first goals was to become easily recognisable to people despite its hard to pronounce name. Another major objective was creating a clear connection between the brand and its values – outdoor living, respect to nature. Finally, we needed to push its limited collection KANKEN ART, created in collaboration with Swedish artists.

Fjällräven | S O L U T I O N


To tackle the variety of equally important goals ahead of us, we created a tailored-solution in the face of a two-stage communication campaign, based on a series of out-of-home ads in the form of graffiti projects, elevated by an all-channel media push and dedicated social media game activations. We stepped on the connection between the brand name/logo and the arctic fox – to make Fjällräven easily recognisable for Bulgarians. We represented the fox and the great outdoors in some graffiti, while others focused on its signature KANKEN ART product, all pushing the slogan “Nature is waiting”.

Fjällräven | R E S U L T S


With the 1st stage (3 graffiti on secret locations in Sofia & SM activations with influencers) we gained wide-spread attention to the brand, 56k reach of non-paid publications in traditional media, 388k combined reach of posts in social media. Hundreds took part in the search of the graffiti “hidden” on the city streets, while 12.7k engaged with the dedicated social media posts. Two of the creations still remain intact, considered as art pieces. The 2nd stage of the campaign – 50sq.m. graffiti on a school wall, was pushed with a “making-of” movie and prompted significant media reach. It still generates daily impressions for the brand.