AgoraPulse is a powerful social media management tool, that you can connect with the main social media profiles you’d like to manage, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+. It helped us mainly for Facebook monitoring, postings publishing, reports and competitor analysis. Here are the main features and benefits that AgoraPulse offers to small, medium-sized businesses and agencies.


You can review all posts, messages and comments from users in one place and mark them as viewed or flagged in order to resolve the issue later or save a really qualitative comment. Each message or comment could be assigned to a specific person like for example the account manager. The best advantage of AgoraPulse in comparison with other community management tools, is the possibility to monitor comments from ads, that are not published on the Facebook page. These comments are mostly missed when managing your account via Facebook.


AgoraPulse let us identify brand opportunities. Normally you should use an additional social media listening tool in order to see your brand mentions online. Here these mentions are nicely listed and you can review them, flag them and assign them to a specific person for moderation.



The tool is mostly useful for the possibility to see all your published and scheduled posts in a single calendar view, including also dark posts that we use for Facebook Ads.


You can not only see the users, who have messaged your Facebook page or made a comment under your posts, but you can identify the people that mentioned the brand in a public posts or comments.


You can get to know your key performance metrics: Audience, Engagement, Brand Awareness and even Management activities and how your team is managing the page moderation. What we liked most in the Reports feature is that we can export with one click all performance analytics to PowerPoint with awesome visuals and graphics!


In the Competitors tab of AgoraPulse we can make a nice comparison with key metrics to see how each client’s Facebook business page compares to the competitor’s pages. This analysis makes it easier for us to identify weaknesses and strengths and take decisions for optimizations.


The last but not least feature is creating Facebook Applications, that is very valuable, when preparing a communication strategy and in the content mix you could include the running of contests, quizzes and promotions, very important part of the gamification of one Facebook page.

Now it is your turn! Test the tool and check if it can answer your needs and help you to accomplish properly your daily social media management tasks. This is absolutely possible during the 15-day free trial.