10 quick rules for a TV interview

Whenever business representatives talk to media outlets, there is a risk of controversies around the corporate reputation, hence, it is a good idea to be well prepared while answering challenging questions in front of the cameras or microphones.

Therefore, our dedicated team has prepared a quick guide on how to behave during a TV interview.

1. Consider your message and stick to it.

Otherwise, why are you speaking at all?

2. Prepare well for every interview.

There is no such thing as “I am always prepared”.

3. Cut it short.

There is no 90-seconds answer which can be better than a 60-seconds answer.

4. Put it simple.

The TV interview is for general public, not for your colleagues or competitors.

5. Bridge.

If the question is difficult, bridge and then apply rule number 1.

6. Use stories.

They are the best way to apply rule number 1.

7. Beware the numbers.

Do not pour them like a tropical rain; try to make a meaning.

8. Do it as normal as possible.

Speak energetically, gesticulate normally, look the interviewer in the eye – and smile, when appropriate.

9. Dress according to your position.

Avoid any distractions in your outfit.

10. The interview is over when is over.

Do not say anything off-camera which you do not want to say on-camera.

…. and, even if you forget all the rules, do not forget Rule Number One!

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